The Fashion of Being Seen

Let’s face it – when you’re on your bike, pedaling along commute, NOT thinking about the sleep deprived new father reaching for his coffee cup – it’s best to be seen.

Blinks and headlights aside, when I’m on the road I strive for safety & to be seen.  No, I don’t look cool in bright yellow or florescent orange… but I do the best I can.

Commuting on my road bike, especially during the cooler months, always has me reaching for my florescent yellow windbreaker.  Great in the morning when there’s growing light … kinda questionable on the commute home when I constantly pray that my ‘tail lights’ are bright enough for that distracted driver.fullsizeoutput_19fc

So imagine my surprise when a reflective jacket showed up in the mail.

Truth is, I bought the jacket because is was water proof, my favorite color and at a bargain price, thanks to the holiday sales.  At first I was a little thrown off by the reflective ‘beads’, so took the jacket on a mountain bike night ride with my husband.  Result?  “Yup, every time you were ahead of me and my light hit you – I saw a big, white jacket.”

Blinks + jacket that people can see from afar – I’m feeling one step closer to ‘safe’ on those dark commutes home!!

Happy riding!

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