The race season has begun!

Today was the first mtb race of the season.  I really didn’t want to take it seriously, but let’s admit it – as soon as the word “GO!” I wasn’t necessarily fooling around.

To say I was a little nervous prior to the race would be an understatement.  You’d think I’d be over it by now; from stepping into the ring with an opponent 20 lbs heavier to staring down an ironman course… I’ve gone through the gauntlet.

All smiles for the camera, but quivering inside

But there I was, all nerves and assuming that everyone in fancier kits and on nicer bikes were faster and more skilled than me on the mountain bike.   Yeah, that was my first mistake.

I got behind some doozies on the single track, where there’s no place to pass.  So I was nice & held my tongue – and it probably cost me.

That’s me in the white/pink shirt… in the back.

But what I was most happiest about was that I didn’t freak out on any part of the course.  I rode it all!  There was no downhill that I couldn’t do or any uphill that made me walk.  It was really a nice ego boost.

End results?  3rd place.  😀 I was happily surprised… and just enough to wet my palate for more (and to train harder).

3rd place… and still avoid spandex. 😛

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