Taking stock on improvements ðŸ™‚

What a difference a year can make. 

And I didn’t even realize it until it almost past me.  

 This last weekend, I headed up to Mammoth Lakes to visit friends, do a local long mountain bike ride and enjoy the bike park.   As always, it was great fun… and this time it was even funnier because I wasn’t suffering. 

Ok. Suffering is a bit dramatic. How is “mildly uncomfortable the entire time?”

First off, I didn’t get the altitude cough that I’ve gotten from pushing myself hard at altitude. Secondly, and a bit more exciting for me, I didn’t get crushed by the bike park every time I did a run.  

 That doesn’t mean that I didn’t crash or fall… but I was a lot more confident, could take bigger drops and handle more obstacles this time around. 

It goes to show you that persistence counts. And even though I have so much more headway to make both I terms of fitness and skills, that I AM advancing. I’ve only beeen taking my riding seriously for just over a year… so I have so much more room for improvement!!

Now, if only I can remember this on the days that I don’t feel like training!   


What are your thoughts?

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