Base Miles… easing into Winter

In a climate that’s good for riding all year long, and now that race season is done – this is the time for base miles.  Not much structure in the workouts, just get out there and ride.  Not too hard, not too easy… just in that sweet spot.  IMG_3289

I’ve rekindled my love of commuting and found a great little new route that allows me more dirt during the ride.  I’m pretty sure when daylight starts to get shorter, I’ll get see some good wildlife.  So far, it’s still rattlers out at 6.30am and tarantulas in the evening.  🙂

Someone been eating well!!

It’s also meant some good rides on the weekends with friends who’s mountain bike riding style didn’t fit into BCBR training.  I’ve been exploring and getting to see new trails.  Getting in naps on the weekends…  finally tackling organizing the garage!… It’s been nice to take it a little easier. ❤fullsizeoutput_1d10

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