Kindness of Strangers

After driving for about an hour outside of San Diego, I hit Cuyamaka State Park.  I was ready!  My goal: a solid 4-5 hours of mountain biking.

And then I realized that I left my CamelBack on the floor of the garage.

Yup, all my water and fuel were no where near me… and all I had was one water bottle and an empty coffee cup.fullsizeoutput_1d1e

But wait, there’s a Red Bull in the passenger cup holder… and… YES!  there’s a sparkling water in the trunk.  Wait!  There’s also (who knows how old) Rice Crispy Treat.

Ok, something is better than nothing – and my purse converts into a backpack – so let’s see how far I can go… it’ll be an “adventure!”fullsizeoutput_1d1d

I bumped into some horse people… chatted for a bit… and then explained my situation.  *Poof* out came a granola bar (140 calories!)… SWEET!fullsizeoutput_1d1f

Later on, I started chatting with another cyclist wrapping up his ride.  I asked him if the park had any potable water… not that he was aware…and instead, he gave me an extra water bottle.  Thanks!

4.5 hours later I finished my ride.  Yes, the last 30 minutes were a bit of a struggle – but in the end, I was grateful for the help of strangers.  I couldn’t tell you what they’re lifestyle was like or who they voted for – but I can tell you that they enjoy the outdoors and were willing to help me out so that I could enjoy the day, too.

In a world that seems to be more and more divided, it was nice to see that people are still kind and willing to help someone out.

To the people that helped me out – THANK YOU, I will pass on the favor forward! ❤


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