Dreaming of the next Adventure…

I’ve been dreaming of all the cool things to do and places to travel in this world.

As EJ coaches football… I’m pretty much solo for the fall season, which gives me plenty of time for myself.  I’ve been riding plenty and have a few (small) trips lined up… but really, I’m itching for my next “big” adventure.

But maybe I should dive Palau instead…  warm water, sun, interesting critters…12239655_10103539129348244_2270572222795280361_n

Or I could go horseback riding in Patagonia…

Or learn to embrace snow sports and learn to ski/snowboard… (eh, nah… too cold!)

And then there’s surfing in Costa Ricafullsizeoutput_19d3

But, wait, look at this… there’s a mountain bike tour in New Zealand and it falls right during my birthday.  Oh, and a riding girlfriend is already going… wait, there’s a helicopter ride to downhill flow trail?

Anybody else feel like there’s not enough money and vacation time?


What are your thoughts?

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