Equality in cycling fashion

Men: no need to read this post. It’s all about lady’s cycling fashion. 

Let’s talk for a second about the most important part of cycling fashion… Your chamoisimg_3022. I can see both sides of the coin… On one hand, the female cyclist deserves the  same  range and variety that our male counterparts enjoy. On the other hand, there’s clearly just not enough demand to warrant it.

Recently, I found the need to research long ride chamois to go under my baggies. Sure, I could ride in a pair of spandex built for road riding, but those fabrics just aren’t nearly as breathable as the mountain bike underlines.

Google searches lead me to plenty of sites were guys got to choose from <1hr, 1-2hrs, 2-3hrs and 4+hrs…. Then in the ladies section there was <2hrs and ‘performance’….

Whaaa?!  Is the performance 2-3hrs or 4+ hrs?  *sigh*

So after many search and some reviews, I decided to try out the Club Ride’s Quick Drop Bib. And you know what?  I think this is my crotch’s newest BFF (for obvious reasons, my husband doesn’t enjoy that statement!)

Not only did it last a long weekend ride without any soreness, but it has these handy zippers.

Let’s face it, the problem with being a lady and wearing bib shorts is that going pee mid-ride is a bit of an ordeal. These shorts completely solve that issue!  I’m in love!! ❤️❤️❤️

What liners do you love?

4 thoughts on “Equality in cycling fashion

  1. I bought a pair of drop backs by GoreTech last year and sadly, my lady bits greatly disliked them. GREATLY. Not to mention they were, um, embarrassingly thin. I’m a road rider so I don’t mind the super-Spanx feel of Lycra (I purchase mostly Voler bibs) but having the option when the weather gets colder to wear liners like this might be worth the experimentation.


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