IMG_3235Why this blog? #1 reason – My writing skills stink.  Really, I struggle at it.  I also know that the only way to get better is to practice, write more and review, review, review.

#2 reason – Fun.  I have fun when I ride.  It’s a chance for me to get outside and clear my mind.

I’m a solid intermediate rider who rides the tail of great fitness to get me through tough spots.  I still balk at sections that my friends just roll over, maybe someday I won’t.  That’s one of the things I love: that I know that I can improve.  I’ve dabbled in XC racing – and seem to be most comfortable when I’m just out riding endurance courses with no pressure of placing. (I’m still figuring out where my focus is)70378350-_97A6279

I’m a 40+ lady living in sunny Southern California… where I can ride all year long.   My husband rides, too… which is a blessing.

My ramblings are all the thoughts that are in my head as I ride: my hopes, my fears, my questions, my observations.  Mountain biking always allows me to forget about the rest of my day and focus just on trail; the chatter in my head stops.

Come join in on the adventure, ask any question and let me know about you!IMG_3887

What are your thoughts?

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