IMG_2277Typically, people visit a page like this to see who the writer is… can I relate to them?  do they ride the same bikes as me? are they someone I want to envy or loathe? should I trust what they write?

Here’s me, in labels:

  • Mixed race, female in her 40’s, married, no children
  • Southern California is where I live – year round riding.  Yes, I’m spoiled.
  • I love riding bikes… geeking out on models, components, etc I leave to the experts (or my husband).  If I review or comment on a product on my blog, it’s because I love it
  • I like to say that I’m a recovering racer… I used to race hard, train hard, eat perfectly and then I realized that it wasn’t fun anymore.  My favorite thing to do is to use a race to expose me to a new place
  • I work my ass off – and travel and play well
  • Yes, I am that person that will start a conversation with you in an elevator…

IMG_2417I post a lot of pictures on IG – so follow me there… or just leave me a note if you want to get in touch with me!

So, now that you’ve learned about me… who are you?

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