IMG_3235This blog is my story about my time on the dirt.  I’ve always been on the bike… but it was always cross-training; not actual ‘training’.  It’s never held a center stage in my life until recently and it’s been taking me to place that my running shoes never did.

The 2nd reason for this blog is to help practice my writing.  Like all skills, in order to get better you have to practice, take chances and practice some more (kinda sounds like the rest of life, eh?).  Please forgive my typos and poor grammar…

I’m a 40+ lady living in sunny Southern California… where I can ride all year long.   My husband rides, too… which is a blessing.  I’m not great – I’m not bad… and always looking to improve.

My ramblings are all the thoughts that are in my head as I ride: my hopes, my fears, my questions, my observations.  Mountain biking always allows me to forget about the rest of my day and focus just on trail, the chatter in my head stops.

Come join in on the adventure, ask any question and let me know about you!IMG_3887

What are your thoughts?

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