Spreading Stoke

I tend to work too hard. And yet, there’s only so many hours in the day you can train for the next race or event. So, I’ve been searching for a way to focus my energy and have landed on how to “spreading stoke” – especially for people that are feeling a consumed by the rat race.

For the last few years, my husband has been encouraging me to apply to be a Kona Ambassador – and my response has always been “No, I’m not that special”… Could I really inspire people to brave the cold (and still have fun) like Trevor Browne’s snowy story about riding Quebec in the snow? Could I make people giggle by quirky fiction like Shea James’s Reliving the Future? Or would I be super practical like Molly Sugar’s tips on how not to get lost?

Probably a mix of all three – adventure, pictures and showing people that it is possible to balance out a 60 hr work with with fun.  I’ve amassed an interesting community of riders, from people that I race with (stage races like BC Bike Race, gravel or local XC) to another packet of friends that just want to go to the bike park to friends that want to ride and explore… people tell me I inspire them to ride more, to have more fun on their rides and to take more chances.  

I would love to use the Kona Ambassador rotating themes to focus my writing so I can share the good vibes.

Of course, part of the whole application has probing questions like: “Who are you” … well, you can click on the About page or just know that I’m middle-aged executive, over-educated woman based in San Diego, CA (I never thought I’d describe myself as middle-aged… the horror!!)

Feeling good at 2019’s Lost ‘n Found

Of course, part of the whole application has probing questions like: “Why should you be an Ambassador?”

  1. I’m relatable; people understand pretty quickly that I’m just like them…
  2. I’m always doing something that someone is just dreaming about; biking in Sedona for the Holidays, bike park with the ladies, Moab in the springtime, gravel races in Nor Cal, does the list ever end?
  3. I have a full garage full on Konas to highlight… let’s see: Process 153 for fun days, Hei Hei Surpreme for fast days, Rove for adventure days… the Honzo that lives in Hawaii… the Unit that gets used for commutes and beer runs… need I say more?

Or “Where would you love to ride your bike for a week?”

Easy Answer: My Process 153 in the Azores. Think about it… endless ocean views, singletrack for miles, reuniting with old friends and meeting new ones, excellent food & wine – is there much more to the good life?

Or “Who inspires you most?” Of course, I can’t say just one person. But I did narrow it down to two people that fuel my drive to ride. Both are badass and beautiful.

Katerina Nash… because she’s an amazing athlete, still racing (very well… might I add) and is nice to us gawking fans.

Patty E… because she picked up mountain biking in her 60’s and has fun every time she gets on her bike.  

And with that… I’m throwing my hat in the ring and think it would be an honor to be associated with the Kona brand. I would love to Spread the Stoke!

What are your thoughts?

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