Tapering is Hard to Do…

Especially in new places with so much awesome outdoor activities.

Saturday, I drove 5 hours to Las Vegas and got to see a girlfriend that I haven’t seen for ages… Sunday, I drove another 7 hours and finally made it to Moab, UT. There’s certainly something to be said about a solo road trip; thinking about life, catching up on podcasts and taking in amazing scenery.

Just the start of awesome stuff

But it’s not the driving that’s thrown me off – it’s nature’s beauty!! It’s the “newness” of Moab (yes, this is my first time). It’s seeing really cool stuff!

Yesterday’s 1 hour easy ride – turned into 1.5 hrs… not so bad. But today’s 1 hour easy hike turned into 2+hours of hiking – and I’m sitting in bed with my calves tight and the arches of my feet on fire. *sigh*

An Icon…

I’ll have to admit, that I’ve got several options for riding tomorrow… and they all look longer than the 1 hour that the taper schedule dictates. BUT I’M IN MOAB – with a bike that has plenty of travel – WHAT COULD BE BETTER?

I guess that’s a drawback to mountain biking. It’s just way too much fun. I’m in loads of trouble when I get to Vancouver later this summer…

A little blue to warm me up… Yup, I brought the Santa Cruz Hightower!
Window Arches with person at top
More hiking adventures.

What are your thoughts?

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