Cycling in Hawaii


IMG_2353I can’t wait to come back!!
Just last weekend, I was traveling & stressing about putting what kind of damage my bike might have suffered in the flight over … and then I struggled on the first ride … but by the end of the week- I’ve started to get the swing of things.
Overall, I’m so glad that I brought my mountain bike. Biking in Hawaii, I’m going to get much better at the technical stuff, the short punchy climbs and the slip & slide.
It helped that my coach put in the touch with another rider that lives on Oahu.  Better yet, he lives in the north shore. Biking at Sunset Hills was awesome. I biked up to a pillbox (old WWII gunnery), got some good flow AND watched a whale breach for 5-10 minutes.  What can I say?  Nothing short of adventure when you’re peeing behind a bush with a guy that you just met 30 minutes ago!
Road riding was a whole other nerve wracking adventure. Bike lane?  No. Shoulder of the road?  Skinny. Drivers that respect bikers? Meeh… 50/50, I’d say. The views?  AMAZING!!!
And then it rained. I expected super slippery trails, so when for a run through the Botanical Gardens… and got a treat. 🙂 wild hogs on the route: not my average run. fullsizeoutput_1b2c
The next day, I tried a mountain bike ride again. A bit slippery, which made things super interesting when climbing switchbacks…. but overall another great workout with great views. IMG_2361IMG_2344
That’s all for now!  Im flying back home to San Diego, but can’t wait to come back to the Hawaii to explore more!

What are your thoughts?

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