Adventures in Paradise – My first time riding in Hawaii

I’ve been coming back to Hawaii on a regular basis for over 20 years now.  And we’ve never biked here.  After flying my mountain bike over with me from the mainland, I was ready to go for my first paradise adventure.

As much as the black/difficult trails were calling to me from Trail Forks, I decided to do the smart thing and take an easy green/beginner and did the Ohana Trail nearby the house.   Whew!  I’m glad I did that. (BTW, ohana = family in the Hawaiian language.)

I’m under the assumption that it’s called the Ohana trail because the trail is easy and welcoming to the entire family.  

Dehydrated from traveling all day yesterday, minimal sleep and heat/humidity didn’t exactly set me up for success.  Add in there that I choose a flow trail, and unknowingly went against the flow… well, there was a lot of redlining and huffing.

I’m actually just stalling and catching my breath during this photo… 😉

Once I turned around, it was GREAT!

It wasn’t a home run my first time out. But it wet my appetite for a little more tomorrow!  It’s bound to be fun!

Hope you enjoy the photos!!


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