Riding Solvang

Spring is here and I’m in love.

This last weekend, the husband and I traveled up to Solvang.  Central California coast wine country and a weekend away for the Solvang ride… ahhhh….. ❤IMG_2129

Actually, the prep for the ride was a bit of a sh*t show: no bra, no socks, no water bottles, no food, 4 hours of sleep… I used to be able to pull disorganization like this when I was in my 20’s – but now that I’m older, it’s a different story.  I’m eternally grateful for the expo vendors and got geared up right before the ride!

The ride started off in heavy fog but once the sun came out – it was BEAUTIFUL!! Now that the rain is gone – we now have so much green.  We found ourselves cycling through country roads and past vineyards (nope, no stopping to taste!)  We stuck together for most of the ride and only parted during hills, which I would power up since my legs and fitness were feeling good.  fullsizeoutput_1ac2

Organizers of the ride did a great job – and the whole thing was very well organized while being super casual.  There was great food at the end… and like any other spandex clad event – great people watching.

This was the start of a long list of springtime and summer fun weekends.  Next weekend?  Hawaii… 🙂 and yes, the mtb is coming with me.  fullsizeoutput_1abc



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