Riding Solvang

Spring is here and I’m in love. This last weekend, the husband and I traveled up to Solvang.  Central California coast wine country and a weekend away for the Solvang ride… ahhhh….. ❤ Actually, the prep for the ride was a bit of a sh*t show: no bra, no socks, no water bottles, no food,… Read More Riding Solvang


The west coast of the US has been recently slammed by rain (and much needed snow in the mountains).  Good for the environment; bad for training. Most of my training during the week is in the dark.  Booooo.  Stinky gym workouts and cold road riding commutes.  I tell myself that it’ll all pay off when… Read More Windows…

Sedona Riding

This last weekend was another great weekend of mountain bike riding in Sedona.  It’s our annual thanksgiving run up to the area – as it offers awesome views, different terrain and oodles of dog friendly options. As always, we stayed at the Red Agave Resort.  The resort literally is the start of a great intermediate… Read More Sedona Riding

Piles of Miles

That what the training schedule called for. And although a pile of miles is MUCH funnier done in a new environment, I just couldn’t do it after being gone for the last two weekends.  So, long local rides are what’s on the menu for this weekend. In reality, I’m looking forward to doing more and… Read More Piles of Miles