A Year of (Riding) Opportunities

My week “off” is coming to an end.  It’ll be back to training soon enough – 2 days to be exact.

I’m lounging downstairs and some where between reading my book, playing on the internet and packing my gear to go back to San Diego.  I’m mentally preparing myself for cold commutes (yes, I know I’m a wimp to think that 40F/4C is COLD) and considering buying tires with more traction for the rain.  *sigh*  I also need to solve the issue of cold, purple toes – but for now I’ll focus on not slipping.

Let’s just say the biking in the tropics can be a little different! 🙂

Yet, all those dark commutes prime me for some great monkey business in 2017.  I’m already signed up for a metric century in Solvang, CA (beautiful wine country) and a fun mtb race in Prescott, AZ (with a great crowd and live music at night).

I’m also looking forward to potentially riding more here in Hawaii.  For all of you commuting in the freezing rain – I’ll try to post pictures of cycling in tropical rain in February.  If anything, I’ll get better at slippery roots and switchbacks!  Now, I just need to figure out some of the logistics (like working remotely and getting a bike out here).

Every day brings me closer to BC Bike Race – my priority race for 2017.  And although I’m confident now that I’ve got the fitness to finish; it’s time to start working on being able to enjoy the ride – which means more strength and skills.  (I’m already looking forward to the next skills camp at the end of January!)

Of course, if it’s one thing that 2016 has taught me is that life is unpredictable, that something horrible may actually be a good thing and in the end – just enjoy the ride!

Anything in particular that you’re looking forward to in the New Year?


Happy New Year!

3 thoughts on “A Year of (Riding) Opportunities

  1. Cold purple toes – my solution- cycling shoes on radiator before I go, 2 pairs of socks, also on radiator, overshoes, 2 pairs of fleece glove (also guess where) and a bonnet under my helmet. Keep your shoes loose too, works for me, down to a few degrees below & I’ve got bad circulation, I’ve hardly worn my winter cycling shoes this year yet. As the French say ‘Bon Chance’.

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