Winter, I’d like you to move on

Dear Winter,fullsizeoutput_1a2b

It’s time for you to move on.  Yes, I’d like you to leave.  You’ve been hanging out for a few months now, occasionally give me a cold shoulder, sleeping on my couch; I’d like you to move out.

My dog doesn’t even like you, she’s tired of going for walks in darkness.

I’ve heard it before from you… you’re the time of rest, the time for renewal, the time for strengthening.  And yes, I realize that these are good things that you bring to the table. We all need those things (in short bursts).

In the end, I’m tired of your rain, darkness and cold.  I know that California is in a drought – but you’re killing my training time and keeping me off the trails.  I’m tired of the indoor trainer and gym workouts.  I’m tired of coming and going in the dark… and I’m already ready for tank tops and short shorts.  Even jeans and a t-shirt would be nice.

I’d appreciate it if you respected my boundaries and moved on.  I know you won’t – because you’re difficult that way.  You have a way of sticking around until you can leave on your own terms.

Needless to say, I’ll be dancing (and riding my bike) the day that you decide to pack up your bags and go.


A girl that wants to ride


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