The west coast of the US has been recently slammed by rain (and much needed snow in the mountains).  Good for the environment; bad for training.

Most of my training during the week is in the dark.  Booooo.  Stinky gym workouts and cold road riding commutes.  I tell myself that it’ll all pay off when the spring comes and my fitness is not in the dumps.

img_1918So I look for windows of good riding on the weekends.  Last weekend, I got a little over zealous and tried for a long workout by connecting 2 ‘drier’ trails together.  This little bird brain forgot that to connecting those particular trails was a trail of muddy despair.  I ended up carrying my bike for an hour because there was so my clay/mud that I couldn’t push the bike anymore. That ride was a test of grit.

It’s been raining for 2+ days, some of heaviest I’ve seen in San Diego… and this morning: Blue Skies!!!   A quick check on the weather report tells me today will be dry – and tomorrow morning has potential!  Yippppeeee!

OK – training won’t be on the trail and instead on the road bike… but I don’t care!  I’ll be outside. 🙂img_1920

What are your thoughts?

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