A little more daylight

Ugh.  Winter training is starting to get the best of me.

Night time workouts, primarily road rides, weird people that show up at the gym at 5.30am, cold commutes where you hit unseen potholes, tempo rides in the dark, trails have been too swamped to explore due to rain… and then the rain stopped 🙂

The view from my office

AND have you noticed that it’s starting to be light outside – just a LITTLE bit more??  I have.  Spring time is almost here.  I just need to hold on a little bit more.  I can brave the ‘cold’ (you know, 50F/10C here in Southern Cali) as long as I have daylight.

I’ve been ‘busying’ myself by planning for BCBR.  Flights & hotels. It’s the big carrot right now to get on the bike, and believe me – I need it.  Solvang is just 41 days away… and I’m excited to leave town and bike someplace new.

Just need to keep my spirits up, head high, legs spinning until the fun factor kicks in again!

Getting in my Vitamin D any old way!!

What are your thoughts?

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