Today was a good day

Flowing down the trail then *bam* a big rut

Today was a good day to be on the bike.  Some of the parks opened up, the trails had somewhat dried out from the rain and the sun was out.  (Oh, and it was a nice 80F day).

I was slated to do an endurance ride with 2 – 20 minute tempos.  Ugh.  More road bike up a hill I don’t necessarily like.  Up and down, up and down.  Great for strength and conditioning, bad for the brain.

I decided to ditch “the plan” and play with the girls.  Bonus, once I got to the parking lot, one of my buddies was about to shove off on a solo ride (he hates solo rides)… and he was super happy to ride with the ladies.

There were a lot of ruts, where the water just cut away the trail… there will need to be a lot of trail work done.

Even the rangers got stuck.  We saw 2 ranger trucks stuck and abandoned in the mud… img_1980

But we made it to the top of a nice climb, the view was great and my love for mountain biking has been rekindled.  Now I can go back to cold morning commutes in the dark… at least for the week.  🙂

Did you get outside to play this weekend?

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