Wow. 2016. You were interesting.

This year was interesting… I rang in the New Year kissing my love in Paris, img_0614struggled with racing at the beginning of the year, finally got my legs under me…

Started to ride in some new places: Mammoth Mountain and Santa Cruz.

Took the plunge and registered for BCBR.  And then had not one, but two major surgeries.  Recovered well and started training again.  Started riding with some new friends that were found on the trail and then promptly crashed in front of my new friends.

Headed back to Sedona for some great riding.

Signed up to mtb race with a team in 2017 and started taking my training seriously.  img_0099

Wow.  That’s a lot.  Loads of ups and downs… but in the end, it’s always forward.  There’s never a way back; and let’s face it – we don’t need to drag that baggage around.

What are your thoughts?

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