It’s getting real

My riding just got more real.  I can tell that I’m shifting from “yes, I can ride that” to “I should really ride that faster.”  

A couple of things has pushed this change: 

  1. I’ve signed up and committed to BC Bike Race (7 days of single track racing in Bristish Columbia)
  2. Despite my Masters in exercise physiology, I’ve engaged w a coach to make sure I don’t slack… And work on my skills. 

So in this vein, I did my first XC race up near Big Bear, CA. The elevation and heat sucked… But I did a lot better than I thought I would do. (Meaning, I didn’t stop to catch my breath and pushed the downhill parts).  

I got to meet another really nice female rider, who later informed me that I left to early… As there was a medal/podium shot waiting for me, as well as, a raffle prize. Oh well… Maybe next time!

One more step in the right direction!


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