Mammoth Skills

It’s was EJ’s first time at Mammoth!

Two of our best friends recently relocated to Mammoth Mountain.  Good-bye sun and surf of San Diego – Hello hiking, skiing, biking and the big outdoors.

Mammoth is always a good place to test my limits.  Both in terms of XC and downhill skills.  One of the perks of visiting my friends is that she is a GREAT climber and he’s a GREAT downhill/technical rider.  An extra plus, he’s a great teacher…

My first ride started by riding up the mountain.  Easy enough to do at sea level… not so easy when you’re gasping for air.  None the less, the trail was flowy and easy to climb… then we made to the gondola.

Up, up, up we went.  I always find downhill riding a good way to learn new skills and push my limits.  I find that I can do most obstacles – I just can’t do them that fast.  I just need to get more comfortable.  So, I go up there and practice.IMG_0037

I like that Mammoth has really wonderful groomed trails.  That the obstacles are somewhat planned and besides a couple of trees in the weirdest of places – everything flows.

I’m also thankful for protective gear.  Day 2 – I was just mentally tired.  Soon after clearing the worst of the jumps and drops – I ate it on a very easy section… and so just pedaled home.

It’s amazing how you can really be aggressive one day, take a fall, then the same trail is intimidating.  Mental hurdles.  I need to get better at them… especially on trails that I’m not used to…

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