Here we go again…

Recovery. It’s necessary and needed… but hopefully this is the last set back.  Surgery done. I’m missing a few bits and pieces, but it was the lesser of the options and I’m thrilled that there was no bowel resection. 

Which means an exciting workout is the stationary trainer or a road ride. ūüėú  Ahhhhh.  One step at a time. 

Slow and steady… and with months of base miles in my immediate future.  


5 thoughts on “Here we go again…

  1. […] What’s stopping me? ¬†Nothing but myself. ¬†Here in Southern California we have a very different style of riding. ¬†We’re a desert climate – jagged rocks, short technical climbs and downhills have you looking out for cactus, sand and snakes. ¬†Oh, and there’s that J.O.B. thing that tends to steal prime workout hours. ¬†And since I’m whining, I’ve recently had 2 major¬†surgeries. […]


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