Silly Goals

Strava has this wonderful little feature that allows you to set up to total mileage (or hours) goal for the year. Yup, for the year.  I can barely think through a month.

In January, I looked at my 2015 mileage and must have said “Well, I did 1,000+ miles this year – let’s go big and target 2,000 in 2016.”  I remember feeling like this goal was attainable – but not easy, especially on a mountain bike.

Since I haven’t been riding lately and just now getting to the point where I can train again, I took a peak at how my “budget to actual” was doing… and found that I’m WAY ahead of pace to complete my goal for the year.


Which makes me think about how often we change our goals.  Usually, I bite off more than I can chew – and have to be inventive on how to either:

  1. Make my goal more reasonable or
  2. Become ‘inventive’ in order to complete the goal

On one hand, I’m proud of myself for being just less than 200 miles away from my goal.  On the other hand, in Jan I really didn’t know I was going to sign up for BCBR and start base training this year.

I’m still waffling between resetting the goal or just leaving it as is (and maybe do better estimation in 2017).  Either way – it’s nice to know that I’m so close!!


2 thoughts on “Silly Goals

  1. Oh well done, but don’t let up now, make sure you get that magic 2000 safely in the… Saddle bag? I hit 3000 last year (some road bike, then cyclocross but still on road) and this year… The least said the better. Happy and safe riding 🙂


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