Sedona Riding

This last weekend was another great weekend of mountain bike riding in Sedona.  It’s our annual thanksgiving run up to the area – as it offers awesome views, different terrain and oodles of dog friendly options. As always, we stayed at the Red Agave Resort.  The resort literally is the start of a great intermediate… Read More Sedona Riding

Silly Goals

Strava has this wonderful little feature that allows you to set up to total mileage (or hours) goal for the year. Yup, for the year.  I can barely think through a month. In January, I looked at my 2015 mileage and must have said “Well, I did 1,000+ miles this year – let’s go big… Read More Silly Goals

Back to Basics

It amazing how getting back to basics can not only improve performance, but open your eyes to some BAD habits. As many of you know, between now and Christmas – it’s all about strength.  So yes, plenty of hills and a few weight training sessions this week (and oodles and oodles of patience).   Overall,… Read More Back to Basics