Zip, Zil, Nada

This week = NO biking what-so-ever.

I guess I gotta expect some weeks like this; especially when I travel.  (I really don’t count any ‘miles’ logged on the hotel stationary bike).  I tried hard at the beginning of the week – but San Diego was rainy.  It’s not that we’re wimps (well, maybe) when it rains – it just get downright dangerous since either the road is slick with oil run-off or the trails are washed out.

Instead, I got in as many workouts as I could and while taking an extended weekend in the Florida keys – did plenty of diving.

So with that said, here’s to looking forward to next week!

  • Monday: ZERO
  • Tuesday: Weights
  • Wednesday: 1 hr walk + suitcase hurdles
  • Thursday: 1 hr walk + avoiding big bugs
  • Friday: 2 Dives – Did you know that it’s estimated that I burned 2x 345 calories for dives… interesting…
  • Saturday: 2 Dives – long walk around Key West
  • Sunday:  travel and suitcase hurdles12239655_10103539129348244_2270572222795280361_n

What are your thoughts?

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