Calibration Time: Setting new Goals

Now that the big race which has captured my focus for the last year is over… and I’ve taken a few weeks off from structured workouts, I’m starting to get the itch again.

Yes, I might be slight goal orientated.  🙂

Looking ahead and targeting new goals.

I’ve toyed around with the idea of doing BCBR again in 2019, but that’s 2 years away.  And although I don’t have the immediate urge to ‘race’, I’m always on the quest to be better on the mountain bike.  So, I while I figure out what events/adventures I’d like to tackle in 2018, I already have a short list of goals to focus on for now.

  1. Get Faster.  I’m still working on the actual measurable goal for this one and it’ll likely be a target time for 2hour local ride, so that I can gauge my progress.  I want to get faster overall, and that’s going to take some saddle and weight room time.  Good things is that I’ve already started the base miles.
  2. Get Better.  And by better, I mean better skills.  This one is going to be harder to gauge… and I’ve started with a general “see if I can get better at a particular trail without sh*ting myself by the New Year”.
  3. Get Leaner.  Better strength to weight ratio should help with #1 & #2. Easy to monitor!  5 pounds of fat (for a start).  My days of having washboard abs are gone, but that doesn’t mean that I still can’t have more tone than today.

That’s it.  Simple(-ish).  

Time to get on the bike again!

Ms. Cow, I can’t get faster until you mooooooove over!

What are your thoughts?

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