Getting fit again – sucks

The holidays are over.  There are pounds to be shed.  And even though I know in my head that getting my fitness back will not be ‘comfortable’… it still sucks.

I know that it’s completely unreasonable to think that I’ll wake up and suddenly be my fit self again…. but it doesn’t keep me from longing for it.

San Diego has had it’s share of icky weather lately.  Last weeks rains did more than flood out our parking garages and short out our street lights; it means no trail riding.  Even after 2-3 days of no rain, many of our trails are still closed.

Which means I’m spending more time on my road bike.  Which also means bigger gears (why didn’t I suck up my pride and get a bike with a granny gear?!)… my little hamstrings are just not happy with me!!  (I KNOW that I’ll be thankful later on – just not right now.)

I guess it didn’t help when random guys would pass me on my ride today.  I wanted to scream “Yes, I suck on the road bike… but I could probably bomb down a hill better than you!”

Nothing to do be keep on plowing through it… *sigh!*

I took the picture years ago in San Fransisco… it seems so appropriate today.

2 thoughts on “Getting fit again – sucks

  1. In the 20 some years that I commuted (I don’t any more), I was very fortunate. I have been hit once while riding, but never while commuting, a fortunate thing since I commuted the busy roads of the Chicago suburbs.

    Is that a Camber you are riding?

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