Itching to Race

IMG_0736I know that my body isn’t ready to race…it’s just now starting to get used to working out again after the holidays.  But after this weekend – I’m already considering a race in a few weeks.

This weekend EJ and I went to Vail Lake to play – and everyone was ‘practicing’ the downhill runs in anticipation for an race in 2 weeks.

Never mind that I’ve already committed to a road century in March and am considering a 30 or 50 mile mountain bike race in April… the race in a few weeks would be an enduro – and I’ve never done one of those.

Mind you, I have no idea what to expect… I understand the concept: timed runs downhill… pedal back to top – do a different downhill. The timeframe for the event seems understandable from a ‘let’s give people plenty of time not to crash into each other’… but a little insane as far as the rider sitting around doing nothing.

Plus, this could serious f w my century training.  The day of the enduro race, I’m supposed to do a least a 2 hour endurance ride… and I won’t be going in with fresh legs because of the 3 hour ride I’ll do on Saturday.

Hmmmm…. what to do?

What are your thoughts?

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