The Things I See…

Signing to her favorite tune.

Picking his nose.

A heated arguement.

Talking on her cell phone.

Popping a zit (yuck!)

Gazing a her new (?) engagement ring.

Mom’s spacing out and the her son is focused on texting.

It’s a amazing what I see when I’m commuting to and from work on my bike.  Stop lights are the best for people watching.  It seems that no matter how bright my cycling clothes or how many lights I put on my bike – I’m still invisible.

Yes, this can be ‘scary’ from a perspective that someone could hit me… but I choose to turn it around and focus on the things that I get to see close-up that I would only see from a distance.

After all, there are many things to love about riding my bike into work (and it helps with my training)… Like the beautiful sunrise above.  What a way to start my day!


2 thoughts on “The Things I See…

  1. Thanks for sharing the lowdown of what you see on your commutes. Zit popping, haha! Commuting here is a bit different, I am not invisible, it seems that whenever I look into a car the occupants are staring at me. It must be the weird clothes I wear in winter 😀


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