As, typical, EJ and I headed to Sedona, Arizona for an extended Thanksgiving holiday to mountain bike, hike, eat great food and sleep in.  Just a short 7 hour travel in the car from San Diego, we packed up the car, grabbed the dog and we’re out of town.  It was great fun! We always… Read More Sedona!

Silly Goals

Strava has this wonderful little feature that allows you to set up to total mileage (or hours) goal for the year. Yup, for the year.  I can barely think through a month. In January, I looked at my 2015 mileage and must have said “Well, I did 1,000+ miles this year – let’s go big… Read More Silly Goals

Well, that bites…

Set-backs.  No one likes them.  We all like to complain about them… but in the end, they still bite. This last Thursday, I was physically and mentally ready to pack up the car and drive 8hrs out to the NorthEast Corner of Arizona for a race.  I had never ridden the area and was really looking… Read More Well, that bites…

Oink! Oink!

In a past lifetime, a coach said to me… “Really… you are a fat kid squeezed into an athletic body!” What he meant is that I have a (slight) obsession with food… and I think about it all the time.  The fattier and more unhealthy, the better.  The good thing is that gone are the… Read More Oink! Oink!