Oink! Oink!

In a past lifetime, a coach said to me… “Really… you are a fat kid squeezed into an athletic body!”

What he meant is that I have a (slight) obsession with food… and I think about it all the time.  The fattier and more unhealthy, the better.  The good thing is that gone are the days that I have to make weight to compete in my class… I’m just bummed that there’s no “Clydesdale” category for mountain biking.

And although I don’t like consistently thinking about the pre-, during and post-meal planning… I dream of nachos with fake cheese, hot wings, grilled to perfection cheese burger finished with a chocolate mousse and a pint of ice cream.

Unfortunately, most days look like this:IMG_1442

Ahhhhh….. the reality of calories in, calories out!!  (Oh, and if you’re lighter – you tend to go faster.)  Wings, burgers and beer don’t make you go faster.

I guess that means that I need to train longer so that I can ‘afford’ those treats!!

2 thoughts on “Oink! Oink!

  1. Moderation! What’s in a BLT? A couple slices of bacon. It can’t be bad for you. Eat two brownies. You have to match when they go straight to your thigh(s)….It’s amazing how fast “bad” becomes fat. And it’s way worse as middle age gives way to slower metabolism. Tom Hanks. Frank Sinatra. Some people are destined to go wide. And others….


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