To spandex, or not to spandex?

Let’s take a moment to talk about cycling fashion.

Gone are my days of lycra and spandex,  I embraced those when I was Ironman training.  But now that the speed is slower, the falls more frequent and the post-ride beer more common… I’ve completely gotten into the baggies.

So, now that I’m getting into more XC mountain bike races – I am really the only person in baggies.  In fact, I’ve gotten comments: “Baggies, eh?”  (In my head: “Yeah… and you’re so going to eat my dust.”)

Why do XC racers feel the need to get back into spandex?  Is it what’s already in the closet?  Do they really think they go faster?  Maybe they’re just trying to show off their low body fat.

What I have thought about is: where the hell do they put their extra tube & gear?  What happens if you want to wear knee pads? Aren’t you going to tear up that fancy outfit when you take a tumble?  (Don’t tell me: you don’t fall.  Right.)

I’ll admit that most girls look look in spandex or baggies… but the guys, um, well… to me there’s a big difference (photos from

Not so (at least on the MTB and certainly not for casual walking around!)
Manly and bit of eye candy

10 thoughts on “To spandex, or not to spandex?

  1. I have a wonderful picture of a woman – from behind – in worn spandex. It was see through. It was worn as in worn out thin. And it was quite a sight when the sun shone through to show her plump charms. I took the picture because she was in the way of my camera. Honest. My wife was livid. But if you wear it, I will photograph it. Middle age fat does not need to be encased in spandex. I wear the tight shorts for the liner but keep a baggie shirt. Please don’t take a pic…


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