Changing it Up

img_1541After a particularly horrible work week, I decided that I really needed to have a change of scenery for my bike ride yesterday.  So, even though I hate to, a donned my spandex and took off on the road bike.

From my house, you can pedal to the coast in less than an hour… yes, I know, I should do this more… once I hit the beach & noticed that the waves were pretty good sized – I headed up the historical 101, where everybody in town rides.

One of my pit-stops.  Not a bad view to refuel…

In fact, this section of the ride, although absolutely beautiful reminded me why I sometimes get frustrated with road riding:

  • Lights, stops and crazy pedestrians… no ‘flow’
  • Old dudes on fancy bikes that want to talk about your 20+ year old bike (a few realize it’s a classic, most talk to me like it’s junk)
  • Fat dudes that can’t hold a straight line so you can pass them
  • The sneaky group ride that’s silent and completely freaks you out as they pass
  • The chicks think every solo rider is just waiting for someone to talk to them
Back when GT made road bikes… 

Needless, to say – I didn’t stay on that stretch of road that long and turned around.  Although warmer – I was much more in my element once off the coastal road.

I guess sometimes it takes a reminder why NOT to do things to steer you to the things you value!!  (Or maybe I’ll try again when it’s colder and just hope that more people stay in bed!)

What are your thoughts?

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