Everyone knows that I’m a planner.  Every vacation, work travel, event, social gathering, etc I’ll usually plan.  (I’m not sure if everyone else is lazy or I’m just a control freak!)

But having a plan doesn’t mean that you have to stick to the plan, that’s what a lot of people don’t understand.  It just means that you’ve come up with the best course of action with the information available at the time.

Today, I needed to get in 2.5-3hrs and wanted to add a little altitude to prep for next IMG_1435weekend.  So I planned out my route, which included some new trails that I hadn’t done yet.

Armed with my highlighted map, about an hour into the ride I found myself “exploring” (as opposed to lost).  I couldn’t find the trail I was on, I had no idea where I was going… what I did know is that I was going the wrong way – because the guys coming down the hill told me I was going up the hard way :-/

None the less, today’s ride was a ton of fun.  I got out on some new trails and due to today’s discoveries have a good idea where I’d like to explore more.  I got to see 2 golden eagles and only 2 other guys on the trail… perfect!

Plans are plans… but that doesn’t mean you have to stick to them!


What are your thoughts?

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