Am I really doing this?

Recent surgery aside, I’m certainly asking myself: “Really, are we gearing up for 2 more races this season… You know, you’ve only got 5 more weekends to train…”


Why do I always bite off more than I can chew?

So, yes.  This weekend will be my first ‘real’ weekend of training since before the surgery.  With Mammoth in 2 weekends and Tour of the White Mountains in 6… I better get into shape fast!

Mammoth – a few weekends ago

Obviously, hydration and nutrition will be key.  (I’m taking that very seriously as I sip my wine on a school night!)  And I always groan at the food prep… packing for during the ride, after the ride, before the next ride… why can’t we all be 20 again and train successfully after a full night of drinking beer?

Despite all of the wishy washy-ness, I am excited to race again.  Even just to get out there and do a long workout in a new place.  I’m looking forward to feeling like I really accomplished something and have a decent excuse to take a long-ass nap in the middle of the day.

Who’s with me and often feels under prepared for races but totally excited to do them?

What are your thoughts?

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