Baby steps back to training

Happy for high tech stationary bikes!!

Today, I’m six days post op. It already seems like ages ago.

The good news is that the surgeon got what she was looking for… The bad news is that I’ll have to have another (more extensive) surgery. 😦

At this point, I’m just trying to focus on healing today and keeping my events lined up. I figure that there’s no use in worrying about training schedules getting pushed or vacations canceled until I know for sure what the plan is.

So, I’m reminding myself how to take baby steps when easing back into training.  Day 1 – 30′ on the stationary, Day 2 – 55′ on the single speed, etc, etc.  Those years of rehabbing athletes is paying off.

I’m looking forward to a few more easy rides… because it looks like coach has me ramping up for the Tour of the White Mountains race.  🙂  It’ll be fun to get back into pushing myself on the mountain bike again!

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