Hot Flashes

Imagine, cycling along – it’s a warm autumn day, you’re about 1+hr into your ride, on the flats, just chomping the miles away and then you feel it… the heat starts in your chest, rises to your head and now you don’t know if you should pedal faster to gain some wind chill or stop and fully undress to cool off.

Whoa!  I did NOT expect ever to have a hot flash during a workout.  Terribly uncomfortable!

I knew that my body would be forced into menopause after losing all my bits & pieces… including hot flashes, but a hot flash during a workout?  Nope – didn’t seeing that one coming.  And, yes, I know – stripping down on the trail to “cool off” is only something that crazy people do.

So I googled it.  It seems that most of the articles state that hot flashes can be minimized by regular aerobic activity… *sigh* – that wasn’t what I was looking for, and I really don’t have the time/effort to start searching the scientific articles.

2 more months until my doctor & I can even consider HRT… so I’ll just pedal a little faster to gain some wind chill… and hope that winter temperatures come soon!


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