Riding buddies

I’m getting my #1 riding partner back!!

Yippeeeee!!  My husband and best-friend has been my primary reason why I fell in love with mountain biking.  He realized years ago that I could hold my own on the trail and was patient, encouraging me to take more and more chances to challenge my skills.  img_1402

He also coaches community college football; which means from late summer to about this time he has barely any time to get on the bike after coaching and regular work.  And with the end of the season coming soon (not that I’m “HOPING” that they lose their last game and avoid playoffs – a good wife would never openly admit that) – I’m thinking that next weekend I could have my riding partner back.

It’ll interesting timing;  I’m pretty fit right now – he’s not so much… and that means that there will be that awkward time that he’s trying to catch up and I’m trying to stall (without loosing fitness).  I’ve posted the next 2 weeks of planned workouts on the refrigerator – I’m hoping that it helps.

img_1397None the less – I’m excited for good times ahead.  We’re headed to Sedona for the Thanksgiving holiday and I’m thrilled to have someone to night ride with… and then into the spring to train for BC Bike Race!

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