Go Team!

I got invited and joined a mountain bike race team!

I’ve really only dabbled in mtb racing in the past.  The mindset has been more of “let’s see if I can finish strong” than “let’s see how fast I can go.”  I figure that my podium days were long behind me.

I guess I still feel a little conflicted with ‘racing’ – only because I know how obsessive I can be.  In the past, when I have my eye on a prize – all other things in my life diminish; this is not good for work, friends, spouses, etc.  On the other hand, I don’t think that I was so aware as I am now.  I’ve asked my husband to check me if I start to go down this route.fullsizeoutput_1a0c

The whole point of racing is to build up my skills of BCBR.  It’ll allow me to work on riding different terrain, ride along people that I don’t know, figure out what works for me on the bike and what doesn’t… work on my pre- & post- ride nutrition (BCBR days will be MUCH longer).  Plus, it’ll be nice to have ‘race support’ and meet the same group of people on a regular basis.  (This second part, I’m trying not to have anxiety about… so I’ll worry about that later.)

Last weekend’s ride to the top of Black Man

I’m still lining up my 2017 schedule, but the main race series that the team does is the Kenda Series here in Southern California.  From my understanding, shorter races for my level (1 – 1.5hrs) every month or so in different locations.

Do you race with a team?  How’d you like it?

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