Thanksgiving sessions…

I’m starting to realize a little trick when riding…especially when currently riding w my husband. See, he’s a little behind on his training and isn’t exactly as zippy as me. But I still want to ride with him, because it’s fun and helps keep him motivated. 

But waiting at the top of each hill gets a little boring (and sometimes the wait is longer than my patience).  So today, while on new dirt, I started to session. 

This is just the act of repeating sections that are technical and I’d like to do better. Not always possible on a road bike, totally doable on a mountain bike. 

Every time I’d do a section where it could have flowed better, or I could have taken a drop different or even if I could have made that uphill section up with less effort… I’d do it over and over again until either I got it or my husband would catch up to me. 

Happiness for both of us. 

He’ll catch up soon enough… I just need to be patient.  Until then, I might as well work on my skills!

Enjoy the photos! 


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