Anticipating Epic Rides

The husband and I now have a turkey day ritual: we leave it all behind.  Yes, that’s right.  We turn off the phone prompts, pack up the truck with mountain bikes, grab the dog and leave town.  Just the two of us.

Our morning hike.
I’ve been looking forward to this long weekend for months.  For me, it signals that start of the holiday season, the end to a typically very busy autumn and a time when life winds down a little.  We get to spend a little more time as a couple, enjoying the outdoors and relaxing. We go to the same place every year and feel like we know which trails will ruin us, where the nearest pizza shop is to refuel is and where the best hike is so that we can shake out the legs.

We don’t have children, half of our family is on an island in the Pacific and we’re not big fans of big social gatherings.  So, although our Thanksgiving Day is untraditional, we love it.

I’m up early today because I’m excited.  Anticipation of fun times has gotten me excited (which means I should lay off the coffee!).

I’m looking forward to sharing pictures of great rides!!

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