Knowing when to turn around

Checkmarks & dopamine hits.  I love them.  My rap name would be Mama GSD = Get Sh*t Done.

But last night I skipped the check mark and turned my bike around.  I didn’t “complete” my intended workout.  I’m still having mixed emotions over it.

I was having a tough day: work travel this week, along with getting a head cold, forget my helmet at home, needed to go back to get it, couldn’t find the strap for my good light for the night ride, ended up using by back-up light which is crap and ended up really not enjoying the single track because I couldn’t see…  hurdles were really piling up.

So rather than “push on through” like I usually do – I turned around.  I’m stuck between feeling like a failure for not completing the workout and feeling smart by saving myself from the frustration of a poor workout.  In the end, I know that 1 hour less of cycling will not be the unraveling of my goals.

Now it’s early morning the next day, I’m sipping my coffee and doing all the prep that goes into a long morning ride… and still surprised that last night’s workout is nagging me.

Only thing I can think of to do is to make today’s workout stellar…

The super moon, earlier this week

5 thoughts on “Knowing when to turn around

  1. Definitely a good idea to turn around in that case, methinks. Better to turn it around and enjoy the next one when you’re not as stressed emotionally. Your feelings in the matter let you know that it’ll be okay. If you just shrugged it off as no big deal, then I’d be worried. Know what I mean?

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