Mad Skills

Ok, well not yet… but soon… with practice.

This last weekend, I took a mountain bike skills camp up in the Laguna Mountain area.  It was scary, hard and amazing.

I’ve always been a strong rider… but let’s face it: I didn’t grow up BMX-ing and sometimes the technical stuff leaves me with scraps and bruises.

When it was suggested to me that I take the camp and found that the price fit – I signed up.  Mind open and ready to improve my skills – ready to soak in the experience.

And then I showed up… and realized that everyone was a much better (skilled) rider than me.  😦

I immediately went into self-judgement mode and my head started putting up all kinds of road blocks.  (So much for ‘an open mind’….).  By the end of the day, I was 100 times more mentally exhausted than physically.  It always amazes me how you can totally psych yourself out because you’re out of your comfort zone.

Negative self talk ensued all through the night….*sigh*

By the next morning, I was back to my regular more positive self with the focus just enjoy the experience and learn, learn, learn.

I felt like I learned a lot more the second day because of this – which just goes to show that the right attitude can make or break an athlete.  I was able to practice some of what I failed to fully soak up the day before and was able to add a few more things to my toolbox.

By the end of the day – I was EXHAUSTED, completed a trail that had always left my shaky… but felt good.

Now, it’s just practice, practice, practice…. and keeping an open mind next time I learn skills.  🙂

Camp is done… happy faces!

What are your thoughts?

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