Taking chances does pay out! Ojai, CA

Today, I found myself in Ventura, California… done with work and looking to get in some training.  Hunting on TrailForks tells me that there’s no mountain bike rides in Ventura – but drive toward Ojai and there’s a fire road.

“Fire Road?  Really?… that’s all you got? Not exciting… ok, I’ve got to get in the training and I don’t know the area enough to drive all over the place to get in miles.  Trail snapshot says it’s an out and back with tons of climbing.”

Ok, the climbing is gradual.  That’s cool.

Oh my gosh… look at the view (still climbing).fullsizeoutput_1bc8

No really, WOW to the scenery.fullsizeoutput_1bcb

Oh cool… cows… delaying my pedal


Why did I think this ride was going to be a grind? (Kinda says something about misconceptions…)


Yes, I love sweet single track… but this wasn’t a bad alternative!

What are your thoughts?

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