14 days

drivingThat’s it.  14 days until BC Bike Race. (wow)

I’ve still been getting time on the bike, although it’s pretty clear that Coach has me tapering.  That’s all good, as the last couple of weeks have been brutal in terms of mental fitness.  I can’t wait for my body to catch up and feel *awesome* again…


My travel up the coastline is planned.  San Diego > Bakersfield > Medford… EJ has to pop back over to Hawaii for a funeral so he’ll fly and meet me in Seattle > North Vancouver.   I’m not exactly looking forward to driving all that way without my favorite playmate… but that’s what books on tape are for!!  We’ll arrive a couple of days early; in time for a little pre-riding, relaxing and nervous chatter with fellow riders.

The bike is almost ready.  I’ll be taking my Kona Hei Hei.  Yes, I’ve done quite a bit of additions from the standard XC model.  I’ve added a dropper, went down to a 30 front chain ring (Squamish says it all)… next is adding the Minions for added grip in the slick Pacific Northwest.


This weekend, I’ll be packing and getting the house ready for our house sitters.   A few more long rides… hopefully all ego-boosting.  14 days…

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