21 days

That’s it.  After a year of planning and training… I’m looking at the end starting line.

Just training for BCBR has tested me.  I keep looking at the routes and figures… some days, I think “I’ve got this!”  Other days, I think “WTF was I thinking?!!”  And currently, I’m DONE with training.  Tapering is SO CLOSE… but not quite yet.  IMG_2712

I’m tired of packing, eating and planning for the next training session.  I’m starting to hate my backyard trail.  I’m ready to have FUN.

EJ and I have been trying to mix it up and have spent the last few weekends biking in the local mountains.  If anything, most of these hours spent training is also quality time with the husband.  🙂

The logistics for the drive up are starting to solidify…

What are your thoughts?

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