I’ve been XC mountain bike racing.  Not just showing up for a race and finishing the miles – but actually trying to push myself to do well.

I’m really undecided if I like it.71637435-_97A3902

The Kenda Cup Series West dots all over Southern California.  I’ve been able to ride places that I normally would never stumble across.  I’ve also started to meet people that I would have not otherwise befriended…

That’s the good part.71637436-_97A9956

The bad part is that I’m pretty consistently coming in 2nd and 3rd in my age group… never 1st.  And although these races aren’t my “A” races… this is bothering me.  But that’s just my type A personality showing through.  I really would rather be more type B and relaxed.  *sigh*

On the other hand… there’s some great pictures of the process!70378350-_97A6279

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