I’m in the home stretch.  7 more weeks to go until BCBR.  And it’s always about this time when training for an event that I’m tried of training, tired of the structure of workouts, tired of packing for the next workout, eating right (mostly)… you get the picture.

fullsizeoutput_1bffThis last weekend, I was surprised to find very short (slightly crushing) workouts on my schedule.  I was also planning on camping in Big Bear to get used to sleeping on the ground and riding the next day.  Why bother go up to the mountains when there’s great trails to do boring structured workouts?

I ended up doing both the structured workouts AND just rode my bike like a little kid.  It was GREAT.

Because of my current fitness, there were sections that I cleared that I’d always had trouble on… I was passing strangers… I wasn’t sucking air because of the elevation… it was great.

Two back to back ego-boosting rides.  I fell in love with mountain biking again. It was just what I needed before putting my head back down for a bit more training…IMG_2665IMG_2664

What are your thoughts?

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