Fat Ex-Athletes

You know what I’m talking about.  Those of us that when we were in our young, athletic 20’s that could eat, eat and eat some more.  Our body fat was always enviable and we never really even thought about ‘dieting’.

20 or so years later… ummm… life is different.  Now, we eat salad for lunch.  And we skip the endless pasta dinners.  No more donoughts and coffee before a long workout.  Or, sheesh…  just a cup of coffee before a 18 mile run (followed by beer).

“Really, mom?  Only 1 slice?”


Those days are beyond me.  Now, I’m mindful of my portions, try to have 3/4 of a plate filed with veggies, shun a beer after a workout (because it might effect tomorrow’s performance) and focus on “sensible, balanced snacks” between meals.

I still strive to fit into the same pair of jeans… well, at least for a few years.  I now wear “age appropriate” workout gear and bikinis (the 6 pack is gone).  I notice when I eat too much processed sugar or don’t have enough fluids.

Am I a wiser athlete now?  or just getting older?IMG_1767


8 thoughts on “Fat Ex-Athletes

  1. You know when I noticed a difference? It was when I transitioned from riding road to mountain bike. Maybe part of the difference is because I focused on being fast (and not looking like a stuffed sausage in spandex) when I was a roadie. Singletrack mindset is more about having fun than performance, although it’s more fun when I am strong enough to ride fast. I drink beer with the guys at the trailhead after a ride, something that was rare with my road friends, except for when we would ride a race or event.


  2. I was a soccer player in my youth and while athletic, I was never thin. Now, at 46 and menopausal, the hormonal 12 lbs I’ve suddenly acquired isn’t going anywhere. I have, however, put on muscle and added strength over winter training, proven in a new FTP of 263 (up from 220). I’m a Freight Train. A Beast on the Climbs. And even though my new ‘I am the Storm’ jersey shows off more rolls than I would like, my focus is to keep improving on my fitness. That’s why Lycra was made.

    Do what makes you happy. Wear what makes you happy. Ride fast, ride slow. Just keep pedaling forward, because in the Tour of Life, it’s about endurance, not speed. Speed we leave for the pros ’cause their lives are 100% worse than ours.

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  3. How about you maybe just a bit more disciplined in your eating and drinking habits. No matter how much I drink, I can only drink 1/4 glass of wine and then I get affected. So natural bodily “allergies” to alcohol, keep me in check. 😉


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